Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monster Energy Drink Wrestling Singlet


With this post begins on the first experiment
Musiracconto : imagine reading a story, to drag through the reading of images and in the meantime, like a film, to accompany all this with a musical background, able to stamp the scenes and emotions ...

Push Play before you start reading


He awoke from that sleep rough. His heart was a drum that marked a time increasingly heavy and fast. Insidious. He began to feel the heart move, pawing, felt almost free from the shackles of his chest and start to climb between the ribs. A scream tore stabbing his voice when the heart sinking his claws into the throat, which now seemed to explode. The veins on his forehead throbbed wildly hot. He put a hand up in back of the throat in an attempt to tear the heart, but it was the heart to win. Once riestratto his arm, spat on his hand on the edge of the bed. Had no choice: she wrapped her left arm, which still has the limb, around the neck until you catch your nail in the flesh of his neck and button. Also wrapped right around his neck, but in the opposite direction. It was a sudden impulse, and severed his head. He kept hanging by the neck with one hand. Her eyes looked empty disdain neck squirting blood like a fountain, then threw it. It was empty.

landed in a cave filthy, seething with excrement, blood and semen. I unwholesome vapors exhaled as far as the endless times while hordes of worms harness together. Slowly sank in the mud and I was filthy to swim in it. As I tried to get rid of that disgusting show I saw hordes of naked female bodies with screens instead of the head. Clinging to each other in that manure, rotting in their hands splashing chips and plastic breasts, abundant. While from a distance trails cocks crowned swam shipped to the circle orgiastic. It slipped between the animal and sent the vaginas of these women, like arrows shot by an archer. All of a sudden started to leak from the holes and clubs together. I was a head about to explode. Suddenly in the distance, swarms of maggots tried to eat the leftovers of that dunghill. The cock stopped suddenly, turned to look at these worms and advanced voice shipped to them. It was a massacre. The bolt cocks phallic defenseless invertebrates, the blood that came out even more excited their limbs. The veins throbbed fierce between the walls of their skin. They ran dispatched to female bodies, and a wave of putrid sperm sprinkled their skin.
I turned around and tried to get away from that disgusting show, but a dark force dragging me down and whirling with me all that disgusting world. Eventually I was sucked into a hole and fell back in my bed.

on the table I saw my typewriter, and I once surprised my hands to masturbate. Surprised by the discovery hands stopped I took slowly to his ears and sticking indices in the hollows of my eyes, I tore the bulbs with force. Then rearrange the natural head rambling on his couch, I leaned on my neck. But without seeing anything. That must be why they say that masturbation makes you blind. I do not see anything since then, I remember the vague sense of disgust out of me, but after seeing the disgust of me, he preferred to blind me. Not to see.


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